Nicholas Quinn Lundeen has a special appreciation for jewelry’s lasting importance.  Ever obsessed with process and tradition, his ultimate goal is to create timeless pieces of the highest quality and functionality.

“My grandfather was a jeweler, and had a jewelry store in Minneapolis, and now my family has a jewelry store in Minneapolis. When I first started making jewelry, I was doing a lot of shows, and people would come in and had my grandfather’s jewelry. They would show it to me, and they’d been wearing it for 30 years. It was an honor to see that.”Based out of Brooklyn, Nicholas Quinn Lundeen makes work designed to endure the rigors of time and the peculiarities of shifting taste always choosing elegance and simplicity. 

The end result of this approach is a catalogue of work that fits any sensibility and any era. Nicholas has a special fondness for the custom engagement and wedding rings he makes – pieces that become a part of someone’s life and heirlooms for generations to come. 


Extract interview from the American Craft Council 

Photos by Yoann Stoeckel